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Editing Files in Vim Cheat Sheet

Vim is a very powerful text editor that provides a huge array of extended functionality over the standard editors included with Linux distros.  This Vim cheat sheet contains a common set of functions an every day

Linux SSH Cheat Sheet – Basics

Understanding SSH is fundamental to server management, and being able to quickly fire off commands to move around, view/edit files, update configurations, etc is essential to effectively investigating issues you are presented with. We

Install ImageMagick On A cPanel Server

If you are running a cPanel server, you may be aware they recently removed their ImageMagick installation script. This now means that to install ImageMagick on a cPanel server, you must either use yum or perform a

Install htop in CentOS

Htop is a text-mode, interactive process viewer for Linux run via console/ssh, and to install htop in CentOS is a pretty simple task. Among other things, htop allows you to: quickly view key performance statistics such as CPU(multi-core

Install VMware tools in Centos 6

Before you can install VMware tools in Centos 6, you need to first connect the installation media to your VM by logging into vSphere and doing the following: locate the server you wish to

Remove All error_log Files In Home Directory

If you ever find yourself wanting to remove the error_log files from all the hosted sites on your server, and you have access to the server via SSH, the following command will quietly remove

How To Create A Dummy File In Linux

Ever needed to quickly test upload/download speeds to and from your Linux web server? Create a dummy file in Linux of a fixed size for this exact purpose and get a real world connection

Force SMTP Authentication On A cPanel Server

By default, a cPanel server uses POP before SMTP as its method of checking if a sender is allowed to send mail via the server. However, if you would like to force people to