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Editing Files in Vim Cheat Sheet

Vim is a very powerful text editor that provides a huge array of extended functionality over the standard editors included with Linux distros.  This Vim cheat sheet contains a common set of functions an every day

Linux SSH Cheat Sheet – Basics

Understanding SSH is fundamental to server management, and being able to quickly fire off commands to move around, view/edit files, update configurations, etc is essential to effectively investigating issues you are presented with. We

Install ImageMagick On A cPanel Server

If you are running a cPanel server, you may be aware they recently removed their ImageMagick installation script. This now means that to install ImageMagick on a cPanel server, you must either use yum or perform a

Install htop in CentOS

Htop is a text-mode, interactive process viewer for Linux run via console/ssh, and to install htop in CentOS is a pretty simple task. Among other things, htop allows you to: quickly view key performance statistics such as CPU(multi-core

Remove All error_log Files In Home Directory

If you ever find yourself wanting to remove the error_log files from all the hosted sites on your server, and you have access to the server via SSH, the following command will quietly remove

cPanel Server Hardening

Performing some basic cPanel server hardening steps is essential in protecting your server and its hosted content from unwanted access.  Whilst the steps below are no guarantee that your server will not be accessed

Install GotRoot ModSecurity Rules On A cPanel Server

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that provides script request filtering to prevent poor or malicious coding from being executed or exploited on a Linux server. This module is easily installed when running a

Disable Use Of Custom PHP.INI files On cPanel Server

When compiling Apache using cPanel’s EasyApache application, you have the option of installing ‘Mod suPHP’, which is just one of many options that make your php installation more secure when hosting multiple sites on