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cPanel Server Hardening

Performing some basic cPanel server hardening steps is essential in protecting your server and its hosted content from unwanted access.  Whilst the steps below are no guarantee that your server will not be accessed

htaccess File Examples

The .htaccess file is an integral part of the Linux web hosting environment and is used for a whole range of functions from creating SEO urls for your site, to redirecting people to moved

Install GotRoot ModSecurity Rules On A cPanel Server

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that provides script request filtering to prevent poor or malicious coding from being executed or exploited on a Linux server. This module is easily installed when running a

Disable Use Of Custom PHP.INI files On cPanel Server

When compiling Apache using cPanel’s EasyApache application, you have the option of installing ‘Mod suPHP’, which is just one of many options that make your php installation more secure when hosting multiple sites on