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Install htop in CentOS

Htop is a text-mode, interactive process viewer for Linux run via console/ssh, and to install htop in CentOS is a pretty simple task. Among other things, htop allows you to: quickly view key performance statistics such as CPU(multi-core

Install VMware tools in Centos 6

Before you can install VMware tools in Centos 6, you need to first connect the installation media to your VM by logging into vSphere and doing the following: locate the server you wish to

Remove All error_log Files In Home Directory

If you ever find yourself wanting to remove the error_log files from all the hosted sites on your server, and you have access to the server via SSH, the following command will quietly remove

Installing iStat Server for Linux(Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora)

If you’re looking for a tool to easily and quickly check on your Linux(RedHat, CentOS, Fedora) server’s current performance status using your iPhone, Bjango’s iStat application is the ideal solution. Using iStat’s sleek, easy