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Linux SSH Cheat Sheet – Basics

Understanding SSH is fundamental to server management, and being able to quickly fire off commands to move around, view/edit files, update configurations, etc is essential to effectively investigating issues you are presented with. We

Remove All error_log Files In Home Directory

If you ever find yourself wanting to remove the error_log files from all the hosted sites on your server, and you have access to the server via SSH, the following command will quietly remove

How To Create A Dummy File In Linux

Ever needed to quickly test upload/download speeds to and from your Linux web server? Create a dummy file in Linux of a fixed size for this exact purpose and get a real world connection

htaccess File Examples

The .htaccess file is an integral part of the Linux web hosting environment and is used for a whole range of functions from creating SEO urls for your site, to redirecting people to moved

Does your website ip address affect Google rankings?

It has long been debated as to whether your website’s ip address affects your ranking in Google search results, particularly when sharing that ip address with potentially hundreds of other websites on a shared