Cup of Dreams – The All Blacks’ Story

All Blacks win 2015 Rugby World Cup

If you’re a Kiwi and a rugby lover, you will fully understand the passion that New Zealand displays towards its beloved All Blacks. The All Blacks have become a symbol of success for New Zealand as they rank as the most successful rugby team in the world, with an overall win rate of 75% and in recent years 85%.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup has now become the pinnacle of their international success. They have not only become the first team to win three world cups but more significantly have become the first team to successfully defend the world cup title.

There have been many observations about how the All Blacks winning or losing affect not only passionate Kiwis but the country itself. Kiwis have come to identify with the All Blacks in a way that many other rugby nations do not share. The occasional loss is understandable, but to continuously lose the Rugby World Cup when going into the competition as the favourite is something most Kiwi rugby fans just cannot swallow.

I was recently introduced to this fantastic documentary made by a very promising young director and felt it just had to be shared. It highlights the passion the vast majority of Kiwis share towards the All Blacks, whilst bringing a touch of personal perspective into the equation. Whether you’re a Kiwi or not this is well worth watching, if not to just get an understanding of what the All Blacks winning means to New Zealand.

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