Grammarly – the ultimate writing correction tool


Have you ever wanted a tool that would help you write better quality documents, emails, social media posts or blog articles? Recently I discovered a rather handy application that does just that.

Grammarly is a cross-browser plugin and desktop application that proofs your writing like no other tool. Through your web browser, it will dramatically improve your emails, social media posts and blog articles. It even provides a Microsoft Word add-in that will help improve the quality of your documents. Where Grammarly excels against its competition is it doesn’t stop at spelling and grammar correction. Grammarly also checks documents for plagiarism, synonyms to add variety to your writing, and a host of other common writing errors.

The basic version is free and offers the essential tools for writing grammatically correct and accurately spelt articles and responses every time. With the basic free service, you will be able to confidently write documents, emails, social media posts, blog articles and maybe even learn a few new words along the way.

The premium version is relatively inexpensive when purchased on a yearly subscription. The additional checks provided through Grammarly Premium are well worth the cost if quality writing skills are something you envy. Check it now and take the free service for a spin.