Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ hits 1 billion views

Katy Perry Dark Horse Live

To those that continue with their tall poppy influenced criticism of pop queen Katy Perry, the ‘Dark Horse’ music video has now been viewed more than one billion times, officially making it 10X Certified and putting her into the ranks of goddess status.

Not to say that this kind of milestone is in anyway a sign of quality in itself, as we’ve seen some pretty horrific pop highs over the years. However considering her remaining videos are also in the hundreds of millions of views each, miss Katy Perry is most certainly in a league of her own.

According to statistics website VidStatsX, Katy Perry has had over 5.7 Billion views across her VEVO YouTube Channel, which puts her at number 6 on the most viewed list, just nudging ahead of Taylor Swift.