Windows 10 Update Coming Soon


The Microsoft Windows 10 update has been running on Desktops for some months now via Microsoft’s Insider program. Microsoft has indicated that it has big plans for the new iteration of the Windows platform, and it has promised a number of things to tempt consumers and small business users to upgrade.

Windows Upgrade Free for First Year after Release

Most likely a result of its falling support, and in an effort to prove how serious it is about Windows 10, Microsoft announced that upgrading to its new OS will be free for all qualifying new and existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 for the first 12 months after release. By “Qualifying”, Microsoft essentially means any device with the aforementioned OS’s that has the appropriate required specifications, excluding enterprise editions.

A free upgrade is always a tempting offer, and with all the features and improvements Windows 10 promises to bring, not upgrading if you can could be considered rather silly.

Will Upgrading to Windows 10 be worth It?

start-menuWe’ve been running the Windows 10 Update Preview since its first release in 2014. We’ve seen it go through a number of changes, small and not so small, and have been very impressed with the direction it’s taking. From the return of the Start Menu to a more native integration with its Office365 and OneDrive product family, we believe Microsoft is clearly demonstrating that it has been listening to all the feedback.

Windows 10 has essentially taken some of the more popular elements of Windows 8.1, incorporated some of the more familiar elements of Windows 7,  and then packaged it all up with a fresh look, and a tonne of new features that make using Windows 10 a real pleasure…in our opinion.

If you’ve skipped the upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1, this upgrade should be considered an essential step forward if you still primarily use Windows based applications. Microsoft has really put in the effort to bring an OS that works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

A more detailed review of Windows 10 is coming soon.