Netflix Launch Australia – Date Announced


The Netflix launch in Australia and NewZealand has finally been locked in by the US based company. The curtains will go up for subscribers to sign up on Tuesday March 24 2015.

Netflix will be available on a range of smart televisions, game consoles, and other media streaming devices. So far the list announced is:

  • Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, HiSense, and second generation Fetch TV.
  • Game Consoles: Sony PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii.
  • Media Streaming Devices: Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

“Many Aussies and Kiwis have heard a lot about Netflix over the years, and we’re excited they’ll get to experience our unique blend of Netflix original content, local series and films, and popular movies and TV shows from around the world, all for a low monthly price,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix chief executive officer, in a press release.

Netflix TV InterfaceBroadband providers iiNet and Optus are the first on board to offer Netflix under their respective free data offerings. This means that anything watched on Netflix will not count towards your monthly download quota. We’re sure it won’t be long before a few other providers follow suit.

Existing Australian service provider Quickflix already delivers similar services to those that Netflix will offer. However, according a report from ZDNet, the company has had trouble getting users to convert from the initial free trial to a subscription. This may in part be due to it’s initial lack of HD content, or it may be due to the shows it has on offer, however Netflix will be aiming high and has the benefit of being a show producer as well. With shows such as the highly popular House of Cards, we reckon they’ve got a good shot.

Netflix Pricing for Australia

Details on Netflix plans are yet to emerge, but is a fair assumption that it will be equal to or slightly less than its existing local competition. In the US, the premium HD subscription sells for US$8.99/mth, so we should be hoping for a similar price down under, with obvious adjustments for the local currency. In Australia, this could translate to a price around the AUD$11.99-$12.99, and in New Zealand we should see something similar as the main local competition (Lightbox) sells for NZ$15/mth.

So What Signup Deals Are on Offer at Launch?

Details of trial and initial Netflix launch offerings are scarce. However, there has been indication that purchases of Xbox game consoles within the first 12 months of the Netflix launch date will come with a free 3 month trial.

What Content Will Be Available at Initial Netflix Launch?

Netflix has remained quiet on the content it will be bringing down under. Local providers such as Foxtel already have the licenses for some content that Netflix offers overseas. However, it won’t be long before those deals are up for negotiation, and Netflix has indicated it will be pitching to take those rights over where it can. Updates on the Netflix launch and available content will be added via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you would like to stay in the loop, you can also head over to the Netflix site and add your email to their subscription list.

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