CloudHQ – The Ultimate Cloud Syncing Platform


Among the myriad of online storage solutions, there is a lot of room for lost updates if you use more than one. Whether you’re an SMB or Enterprise, the cost of time lost through data synchronization issues can be massive. From Dropbox to SugarSync, Google AppsĀ to Microsoft Office365, not to mentionĀ the array of Cloud Software Services that also provide data storage, how do you keep this all in sync and not loose track of what’s the most current version?

Enter stage left the new super sync star CloudHQ.

With support for the top business storage and collaboration software, CloudHQ provides affordable syncing solutions for business and enterprise users of all sizes. With an interface built for everyday users, the setup and linking of accounts can be done within minutes. And the best thing is that all syncing is done directly via the Cloud, so even if your business has restricted internet capabilities, this is no longer a concern with keeping your data in sync and consistent.

The basic Business account provides support for up to 10 users at USD$25/mth, with each additional user from 11+ costing $2.50/mth. Enterprises can setup unlimited users for a mere USD$650/mth, which in today’s terms is a pretty awesome deal if you ask us.

So forget about those lost updates and remove the stress of trying to keep the cloud in sync with CloudHQ.